With the assistance of our EV expert team,  you make quick decision on buying Electric vehicle that too with convenient financing.

You will feel confident that you understand the rationale and rewards involved in any such smart investments made for buying electric car.

Whether you’re experienced or new proud owner of a car, we can give you the appropriate level of advice. The service is highly collaborative. We make recommendations and discuss them with you in detail before you make the final decision.

Fintech can help you establish a robust financial foundation while providing the ongoing advice you need to preserve and enhance your wealth for generations.

Key aspects of our strategy

Products Fact Sheets and a full Comparative study of various information i.e mileage per charging,charging station in your city,trip planner  etc with weather advisory make tour road trip fun & hassle free.

A full range of Life, Serious Illness, Income Protection, Pension Term, and Unit Linked Comparative Quotes plus Business Assurance reports, and Health Insurance comparisons.

Our Fund Advice section provides Fund Fact Sheets and comparative Fund Performance details based on Fund Price information from the leading supplier of information in this area.

Choose an approach that’s right for you

Purchase of Solar Roof top project

This is for investors who are investing in residential roof top project

Create monthly income by investing in solar projects

Often you don’t have a specific reason to save your money but still want to multiply  your income  over a long period of time .

Safety Net

This is one of the highest priority goals we recommend for investors, designed to ensure you have an emergency fund.