Product Financing is a medium term of financing the fund to motivate the purchase and installation of various solar systems. Household clients and farmers seeking for the financial help for various solar products like (Solar rooftop kits, solar water pumps, solar water heaters, solar invertors, Solar street lights etc.)

The objective of this product is to promote use of Solar systems for domestic and irrigation purpose and encourage farmers to invest and utilize renewable source of energy by providing Credit facility in hassle free manner and at reasonable terms.

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Solar Tend in 2013-2014

Couple of years back, due to lack of solar awareness. people were not accepting the new way of generating energy

Solar Trends 2015-2016

Due to various awareness campaigns and government support in Solar for the household and commercials. Solar sector is doing wonder.

Solar Trend in 2016-2017

Solar awareness and meeting their daily needs, people are attracting towards solar. The boom in solar industry is wonderful during this period of time.